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Who We Are
At Technologies International, we believe a successful team is instrumental in delivering a quality project. Our team consists of multi- lingual, highly qualified individuals experienced in international delivery, commissioning, and installation of small to large scale projects..

What We Do

Import/Export Technologies International (TI) Is an import/export company that offers its services to company’s world wide. We work with many firms looking to expand and develop their markets internationally as well as foreign based companies interested in establishing a presence in the U.S.

Most companies find it is imposable to establish a presence in a foreign market without local partners.

Technologies International has the experience and network in place to make these steps with your company without the large investments of capital and time that are associated with this type of expansion.

Technologies International has an extensive network of exclusive agents around the world that have the necessary experience, contacts, local knowledge and distribution networks to introduce your product to the international marketplace.

Our network includes most countries in Asia, Europe, Central America, South America and the Mid-East. (See our world-wide map for locations) Our distribution partnerships include everything from U.S.manufactured technology into the Mid-East, Asian automotive parts to Central America, Chinese computer products into the Caribbean and U.S. household products to Asia.

Whatever product line or international region you are looking to develop chances are that TI has the experience and network already in place.

Some of our services include:

-Business development in emerging markets for U.S companies

-Introduction to U.S. markets for foreign based firms

-Established agent distribution networks across the globe

-Localized marketing for individual countries

-International finance partners

-Experience in international shipping, import taxation issues and customs clearance

We are in the age of globalization. International sales, marketing and distribution is no longer an option but a mandatory for companies looking to be successful in this competitive world. Technologies International is ready to assist and would be proud to work with you.

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