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Some of our Clients:

Clients Technologies International (TI) has an extensive lists of clients, some examples are:

Middle East:
Royal Saudi Navy, Saudi Arabia
Royal Saudi Air Force, Saudi Arabia
King AbdulAziz University, Saudi Arabia
King Saudi University, Saudi Arabia
Global Education Training Center, Saudi Arabia
Aljofe University, Saudi Arabia
Tiba Kindergarten, Saudi Arabia
Almanac University, Lebanon Military College,
National Institute of Technology, Saudi Arabia
IAT University, United Arab Emirates
Yemen Hadramawt University, Yemen
Taiz University, Taiz Yemen

Ministry of Education, Barbados Local IT Sales, Barbados

Asia: Asia Arms, Inc., Taiwan Wichien Dynamic Industry Co. Ltd.,
Thailand Nixie Company, Thailand Dane publishing, Philippines
Hung Viet co. ltd., Vietnam Sakko Engineering, Nepal
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